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Domain of the speedsters

Welcome to the domain of knee-and-elbow dragging speedsters.

Most bikes here can accelerate from 0 to 100kmh in less than three seconds.

And you could break the expressway speed limit all in first gear on one of these. Still, we love them for their sleek looks and gut-punching performance.

2017 SUZUKI GSX-R1000

Suzuki is gunning for the "King of the Superbikes" title with the latest GSX-R1000.

Suzuki has not had a major overhaul to the Gixxer 1000 since 2009. The new GSX-R1000 is more compact, lighter, more powerful at almost 200hp and smarter - thanks to technology derived from MotoGP.

The in-line four Suzuki revs faster and has an overhauled chassis that is 10 per cent lighter.

It also comes with electronic aids like a 10-level traction control, which is monitored by a three-axis Inertial Measurement Unit-based sensor.

Its racier sibling, the GSX-R1000R, ups the ante with bi-directional quickshifters for clutchless upshifts and auto-blip downshifts, as well as top-shelf Showa suspension.

And owners of the first 
24 registered Gixxer 1000s will each get a full Alpinestars race suit worth more than $2,000.

Suzuki Guan Hoe Co.

Tel: 6299-7939

On the road price: About $42,000 without insurance

2017 KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R

They don't call it the Beast 2.0 for nothing.

The KTM 1290 Super Duke R is a V-twin, 1,301cc naked motorbike with a brutal reputation on the road and at the circuit.

Thanks to smart electronics, the 177hp and 141Nm of torque KTM is gentle for ham-fisted newbies.

Even at as low as 4,000rpm, the engine belches out more than 120Nm of torque, ensuring lightning-fast sprints on the road.

Yet to a seasoned trackday junky, altering its attitude and engine performance is just a button click away - as what we learnt from its launch in Qatar late last year.

Launch control and other rider assistance aids like cornering anti-lock brakes and anti-wheelie are on the menu for the KTM.

Despite its bulk and menacing headlight unit, it has superbike-like handling.

Dirt Wheel Motor

Tel: 6783-3063

Machine price only: $36,000

2016 BMW S1000R

No full-fairing or clip-ons does not mean the BMW S1000R is a slouch.

This naked in-line four is deceivingly fast with 160hp on tap and 112Nm of torque.

You get sporty aggression from the 999cc BMW as you work up the gearbox using its quickshifter.

Of the four levels of excitement - needless to say, ride mode Dynamic Pro was our favourite as power delivery was instant.

The sophistication of the S1000R electronic suspension allows you to choose pre-load settings for ride comfort, all via a button on the cluster-free handlebar controls.

How often can you make suspension adjustments without getting your fingers dirty with grime?

BMW Motorrad Singapore

Tel: 6319-0510

Machine price only: $38,000


The Monster 1200S has come a long way since its birth in the 1990s.

Having evolved from the iconic air-cooled, 80hp M900, today's water-cooled Monster 1200S packs a formidable array of technology and performance while retaining some of the L-twin engine characteristics and that familiar trellis frame.

The 2015 version has power figures hovering at the 150hp mark and torque of 126Nm, resulting in instant acceleration while suspended on top-grade Ohlins suspension.

The latest version from the Bologna factory is said to be even better.

It receives a narrow and shorter tail profile, a new fuel tank, 1200R-inspired exhaust pipes, up/down quickshifter and a new single-sided swingarm, among other features.

With a shorter wheelbase and steeper rake, you can expect more fun in the twisties with increased agility.

Ducati Singapore

Tel: 6631-8166

On the road price: $55,000