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Check out lunch bag art by dad

Each of us has a different set of indelible experiences with the one we call dad.

For artist Bryan Dunn's son, every day for the past two years has brought a surprise when he sees his lunchbag.

One day, it might be Iron Man, the other a dinosaur.

Ironman lunchbag

Dinosaur lunchbag

For the past two years, Mr Dunn has been drawing on his son's lunchbags.

As his art has just gone viral, Mr Dunn has clarified a few things: He is a freelance designer illustrator who spends about 30 minutes a day during his lunch-time drawing the bags. 

His son, who just finished Grade 1, usually gives the bags to friends and teachers., but keeps a few favourites.

And his son is developing his own art, too.

His son's art

Happy Father's Day!

Source:  Reddit, IMGUR