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Colours you can wear to make you feel less stressed at work

Incorporate them in your wardrobe to keep stress levels down

Pablo Picasso once said that "colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions". Indeed, different hues have an impact on our moods and how we feel.

For instance, red is bright and bold, but it can also be overpowering, triggering stress and anxiety. In the same way, a more relaxing colour like blue could help you feel calmer and more relaxed.

If you are feeling stressed at work, you can try incorporating any of these five colours into your work outfits.


From pastels to deeper tones, blue is tranquil and calming.

Art philosopher Denis Dutton, in his book The Art Instinct (2009), noted that blue is a universal colour liked by many due to its association with how peaceful the skies and seas look and feel.

That is why we think blue should be a go-to colour in every achiever woman's work wardrobe.

Style tip: For professional appeal, mix blue with black.


Symbolising growth, nature and lush greenery, green can help boost your creativity and help you feel more relaxed at work.

Psychologist Stephanie Lichtenfeld and her team reported in their 2012 study Green Facilitates Creative Performance that this colourway can "open (mental) processing required to do well on creativity tasks".

Style tip: Complement this earthy shade with neutral tones, such as brown, beige and white.


Although pink is often associated with love and femininity, it can also invoke serenity and peace.

In his book, Drunk Tank Pink: And Other Unexpected Forces That Shape How We Think, Feel, And Behave (2013), US author Adam Alter writes that angry prisoners in a US navy detention centre became calm after spending 15 minutes in a cell painted pink.

Style tip: Add some gravitas to this soft shade by opting for a suit.


Think of white, and clean slates and new beginnings come to mind. It also represents quiet, tranquillity and peace. Wearing it can help you clear your mind and think more clearly at work.

Style tip: Think monochromatic when it comes to wearing white. Clean, sleek and sharp lines should be your office style inspiration.


Yellow is often associated with happiness, but it can go even deeper than that.

US colour specialist Leatrice Eiseman told CNN that "sometimes people who are very metaphysical will see enlightenment" when they're staring at this cheery shade.

Bright, vibrant and optimistic, yellow stimulates the release of endorphins, the body's natural stress reliever.

Style tip: Go for contrast and pair yellow with black, white or grey to allow the colour to pop.

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