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Dresses not just for lasses

Vivienne Westwood closes London Fashion Week Men's with unisex designs

Britain's dame of fashion Vivienne Westwood wrapped up London Fashion Week Men's with an eclectic collection showcasing edgy designs that included dresses for men on Monday, Reuters reported.

Westwood, 75, who is known for her eccentric creations and environmental activism, presented both menswear and womenswear for her autumn/winter 2017/18 Ecotricity line, putting men in dresses and skirts and ties on women.

Models wore colourful knits made up of jumpers and trousers as well as long dresses and arm cuffs, at times slit on the sides.

Men's suits were deconstructed or had wide, ankle-length trousers and sometimes were worn with long cloaks.

Women's jackets had asymmetric cuts or exaggerated shoulders.


Shirts had large collars and colourful prints and patterns, including skulls and faces, adorned most designs.

"She and he are having fun with unisex and swapping clothes," shownotes for the collection read.

"'Buy less, choose well, make it last' limits the exploitation of the planet's natural resources."

A model being groomed for the show. PHOTO: REUTERS

The New York Times reported Westwood as saying: "Unisex may sound like a joke, but in fact, it's all about styling and being able to dress however you like.

"Swapping clothes with your partner means you can buy less, choose well and really make them last."

Unisex may sound like a joke, but in fact, it's all about styling and being able to dress however you like. Vivienne Westwood

Outfits were often layered and looks were accessorised with face paint, paper crowns, colourful socks, tights and boots.

Westwood, who previously showed menswear in Milan, Italy, was the biggest name at the four-day London event following the departure of brands like luxury label Burberry.

"London is my home. I regret leaving Milan because they've been so kind to me," she said backstage.

"It's just easier and more efficient for us to be here."

Burberry will present its menswear collection alongside its womenswear line at London's higher profile women's fashion week next month.