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How to look glam after a hectic day

Olga Iserlis, the woman behind some of the biggest parties in Singapore, shares her tips for glamming up in 20 minutes

Maybe you need to go out straight after work. Or you're hosting a party at home, and you have a million last minute things to do before you get to your hair and make-up.

Olga Iserlis is behind some of the biggest parties in Singapore - she's organised galas for fashion leaders like Diane Von Furstenburg and Tory Burch, and has created centerpieces out of 50kg of caviar and flown in 100 couture gowns for a retrospective exhibition on fashion designer Valentino.

As she explains in her new book Save The Date: "It takes stamina. Before the Valentino exhibition, we were down on our hands and knees all night arranging the gowns on 100 mannequins."

The US citizen, who came to Singapore in 1990 with her family, shares how to go from dusty and crawling around on the floor to drop-dead-glamorous in 20 minutes or less...

Choose a dress that doesn't require steaming or ironing

Bring two pairs of shoes. You may have to run about checking last-minute details before guests arrive, and you can't do it in high heels.

Pack it all into one roomy bag - I use my Louis Vuitton tote. And be prepared to store that bag in any available space, including under the table.

Load your cosmetic pouch with everything you need

Load your cosmetic pouch with makeup, plus eyedrops, headache tablets, Bandaids, spare hair pins, safety pins, double-sided tape, wet wipes, nail polish remover and polish to fix last-minute chipped nails.

And antihistamines, in case the place is dusty.

Know that you might get sweaty

You will sweat a bit if you're doing decor at the last minute.

Accept it - you won't have time to go home for another shower.

After your final chores are done, run to the toilet and find the biggest cubicle.

Hang your bag and gown on the hook inside the door and get changed.

It's all about choosing the right hairstyle

Choose a hairstyle that's elegant but not high-maintenence.

You can go to the hairdresser in the morning, then forget about it. You'll be too busy later in the day.

Walk out with confidence

Once you're done getting ready, come out and inspect yourself.

You have limited time to refresh your makeup, so go for a simple and elegant look you can do yourself. Spritz on perfume and step out into the room in your heels, looking as if you'd stepped out of a luxury limo.

Save The Date ($88) is available at the Louis Vuitton store at Marina Bay Sands, ArtScience Museum gift shop and Marina Bay Sands gift shop, as well as at stores Vanilla Home, Beauty Candy Lifestyle and Partners & Mucciaccia Gallery.

This article is adapted from The Singapore Women's Weekly.

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