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How petite girls can dress to look taller

It's not exactly a walk in the park to shop for clothes that flatter your body proportions. And it's even tougher when you're under 1.55m, since it feels as though brands are indirectly "forcing" you to drown in their garb.

Whether you're slim or plus-size, here are some style hacks that can make you feel more confident.

Opt for high-waisted bottoms

Whenever in doubt, always go for bottoms that are fashioned in a high-waisted fit.

This trick works for both smaller and fuller girls as the positioning of the waistband around your abdominal region can create the illusion of a shorter torso and longer gams.

Finish the look with either an off-shoulder top or a neatly pressed white shirt.

Utilise short skirts to your advantage

When we mention the word "short", we don't mean micro numbers that expose your butt cheeks.

For leaner girls, explore skirts that end around your thighs, while curvier girls should choose skirts with hemlines that end around your knees. Whatever size you are, you should always sharpen up with a blazer if you wish to wear it to work.

Slip into a pair of comfortable heels

We'd recommend sticking to a maximum of three inches if you want to survive a whole day in heels.

Both stilettos or block heels are great, depending on your personal preference or the look you're going for.

Go for fitted numbers

Contrary to popular belief, bell bottoms, flare pants and maxi dresses will make a petite girl appear shorter than usual, so opt for garments that fit you to a T. If you chance upon a particular item you're obsessed with, yet find yourself swimming in it, take it to the tailor to get it altered.

Highlight your waistline with a belt

We know that oversized clothes bring joy to everyone, since it's extremely comfortable to be in an XXL T-shirt. However, shorter girls may find it a challenge to look tall and confident in these numbers.

Tame the volume down by cinching your waist with a belt, or a bum bag. It's sassy, trendy and works perfectly for any body shape. For curvier girls, align your belts slightly higher to create the illusion of longer legs and a tighter waistline.

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