Malaysian nail salon paints Squid Game manicures

KUALA LUMPUR,  – A manicure salon in Malaysia is selling painted and press-on nail designs based on the television show Squid Game, the latest small business to cash in on the soaring popularity of the South Korean series.

The Maniqure Nail Salon on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur has designed a set of nails for each of the show’s nine episodes.

Red Light, Green Light features the killer giant animatronic doll from the first episode, while Hell includes a picture of the red-suited game officials and a pink-ribboned coffin.

The salon’s co-owner Lim Pei Xin said: “Is it difficult to draw? Yes, a little bit, because it’s all 100 per cent hand painting, not printing.

“Every fine line, we have to stop breathing.” 

Squid Game earlier this week became Netflix’s biggest original series launch, notching up 111 million viewers in less than a month.

Chin Kwan How, co-owner of the Maniqure Nail Salon, said demand for the press-on version of the themed nails had come from international buyers via the business’ website, as well as locals. - REUTERS