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New year, new hairdo: Jazz up your tresses for 2019

A new 'do can get you out of a beauty rut

Every year, many women find ways to update their looks as a means to begin the new year on a right note.

Whether your beauty resolution is to be more experimental with make-up colours or to give your tired locks a new lease of life, it is always good to adopt a "new year, new you" attitude to get yourself out of a beauty rut.

That said, unless they have 110 per cent trust in their stylist, women seldom give them the freedom to do absolutely anything.

So make sure you go with visual references on the styles you like and dislike, and do not be afraid to ask questions about maintenance.

Here are nine ways you can update your tresses next year.


While we are all about dramatic hair makeover that drastically changes one's look, we also realise that cutting it all off is not for everyone.

And since many women still prefer to retain their hair length, why not give it more life and body by getting long layers?

Instead of letting your hair grow longer shapelessly, getting frequent trims will ensure that it does not wind up looking flat and lifeless.

Long layers help take unnecessary weight off your locks, especially at the ends, to add movement and bounce. Once you have that done, all you have to do at home is wash and go.


Blue, green, fuchsia, grey, rainbow - there is no hair colour that shocks us any more.

Yet we cannot quite keep our minds off the beautiful ombre pink champagne look.

Featuring pink roots, champagne lengths and pink tips, this graduated ombre effect is fresh and super cool. Not only does it give your hair depth, it also makes it a lot easier to maintain.


Another interpretation of the versatile bob, this is perfect for those who want a little extra length. As its name suggests, it hits where your jawline is and can be great for those who wish to cover up their neck or their jawline.

Best part? It is super low maintenance because you can easily toggle between this and a lob if you do not have time to schedule regular trims at the salon.


We all know that one of the easiest ways to update your hairdo is by cutting your bangs. But if you are non-committal about full-on bangs, try the curtain bangs style. With a wispy texture that frames your face, it can be worn without a clear part or swept to one side.

We love that this style draws attention to your eyes so it is the perfect time to dress up those peepers in a dramatic way, complete with eyeliner and mascara.


To give your hair extra volume, movement and a three-dimensional effect, ask for subtle highlights throughout your hair. Then, curl your hair using a medium curling iron to give it that beachy effect.

Best for those with fine and limp hair, these highlights will work with the added texture to enhance the look of your tresses so they will always be lustrous and bouncy. Lock in the style with some shine-enhancing hairspray.


There is something alluring about a casually undone style. It has a relaxed and carefree vibe to it. It is also easy to create on your own: Work a texturising spray all over your locks to rough it up, fasten it into a low, loose bun, and pull out some face-framing pieces for that undone effect.


We have all dabbled in floral crowns come summer time or sparkly clips and pins during the holiday season.

Next year, hair embellishments will reach new heights. And whether you opt for fresh flowers strewn among your locks or work intricate pins into your hair, hair embellishments are now appropriate for any time of the day, during any season of the year.

As long as you are feeling it, go ahead and wear it.


The added height at the top of your head helps elongate your face and give the illusion of lifted features.

It is also easy to achieve. Just gather your hair at the top of your head and fasten with a hair tie. If you have layers, secure the hair on the underside of your ponytail with bobby pins and lock in hold with hair spray.

To add a little sparkle, use a bejewelled hair ornament and you are all set.


Coined by hair maestro and co-founder of Living Proof, Chris McMillan, the hairline bob is sleek and chic all at once.

Unlike other versions of the bob haircut, this one features a blunt cut throughout the front and back, following where your hairline hits at the nape of your neck.

The result is a bob that has stronger lines and elongates your neck at the same time.

It is also versatile, since you can wear it straight or rough it up for a edgier vibe.

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