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‘Permanent’ jewellery a hit among more S'poreans

To celebrate their love, more Singaporeans are opting for “permanent” jewellery, typically in the form of matching, claspless bracelets welded around their wrists, say local businesses.

With no clasps, these “forever” bracelets are not meant to be removed, although wearers may attempt to snip them off with a pair of scissors.

Ms Jael Tan, 39, and her husband got a pair of 14K gold permanent bracelets in 2023.

“We have always liked the idea of everyday jewellery for couples. The idea of the bracelets being welded close was also very interesting for us,” the nurse told The Straits Times.

Besides couples, some family members and friends are also opting for such jewellery.

Mr Augustine Yuen, for example, bought for himself and his 61-year-old mother a pair of matching 14K white gold permanent anklets in 2023.

The 30-year-old financial agent said: “My mum and I have always been close and I thought permanent anklets would be a symbolic gesture to immortalise our bond.”

Curious Creatures is one local brand that has been offering permanent jewellery since November 2022. Its co-founder Larissa Tan told ST that she has seen an “overwhelming response”.

“For at least six months after launching (the collection), our appointments were always fully booked, and back then we did not have weekend slots available,” she added.

The brand has since started offering weekend slots for permanent jewellery welding at its Ion Orchard flagship outlet, and appointments are always fully booked, she said.

At Singapore-based fine jewellery brand Holly Gray, sales have more than doubled since it offered permanent jewellery in December 2022, said co-founder Hanya Seah, 30.

She said: “Customers first get permanent jewellery for its sentimental value. It’s a contemporary way of symbolising an enduring friendship or relationship.

“They also enjoy the convenience of waking up accessorised, without the hassle to put on or take off jewellery.”

Permanent jewellery is usually made of solid 14K gold as it is durable enough to withstand wear and tear from daily activities and sports, said Ms Tan.

During the fitting appointment, customers will first select a chain before a technician measures their wrist and welds their permanent jewellery close. Customers can also personalise their custom-fit chains with charms.

Prices for permanent jewellery like a bracelet or anklet are between $115 and $499 at Curious Creatures; additional charms start at $69.

Holly Gray’s Ms Seah said that the welding process is painless as jewellers use a leather pad to protect the customers’ skin so they do not feel the light voltage from the welder. The welding takes about a minute.