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Tips to declutter your wardrobe for the new year

Time to make space for a new season of fashion trends and releases

It is time for a purge to start 2019 right. After all, the phrase "new year, new me" cannot ring true if your wardrobe is overflowing.

If you can survive without a certain piece for this long, you do not need it. It is time to put it in the bin.

Here are five steps to clean out your closet in the most efficient way - just in time for Chinese New Year too.

It might be painful, but you will feel lighter, happier and ready for a fresh start.

Holy trinity of closet purgatory: Keep, toss and donate

Get three boxes and label them keep, toss and donate.

Keep closet staples (such as the white T-shirt and black blazer); toss those that are worn out; and donate those that are still in good condition - you might not need it, but someone else might, and you get to play a part in the sustainable movement as well.

H&M has a programme where you can exchange your old clothes, which will be sold as second-hand goods or recycled into other products. In return, you get a small gift voucher.

Other organisations to donate your garments to are The Salvation Army, New2U Thrift Shop, Greensquare and Minds.

Abide by the six-month rule

If you have not worn a piece at least once in the last six months (and it is in a dubious state), toss it. If it is still good, donate it.

You can keep an unworn piece only if it fulfils the following criteria:

  • It is a basic and you intend to keep it as part of a capsule wardrobe.
  • It is appropriate for both work and play.
  • You will wear it out within the next week.

Cut down on hangers

Limit the number of hangers. Give yourself 15 hangers to play with for each garment category (such as tops, outerwear and bottoms). Slowly cut this number down to 10. This approach may seem aggressive but it works.

Once you run out of hangers, it is time for you to clear out your closet again.

Categorise the rest

After the culling, arrange what is left. Organise by colour, and then by apparel type within each colour category.

Tips to declutter your wardrobe for the new year
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It helps you find items easily and makes your cupboard Pinterest-worthy.

One in, one out

Make sure you heed the "one comes in, one goes out" rule. If you really want to get a new dress, pick one from your wardrobe that you feel you would be least likely to wear in the foreseeable future and donate it.

This way, it helps prevent an overstuffed closet, making the decluttering process much easier for the next year.

This article first appeared on Her World Online (