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Trends to leave behind in 2019 - and what to follow instead

In the new year, forget last year's fads and go for something sensible

While it feels like most things went belly-up in 2018, we at least had nice clothes - for the most parts.

There were some things we absolutely loved while we had them on, but we reckon it's time to ditch 'em once 2019 struck.

OUT Off-shoulders

IN Puff shoulders

The bohemian off-shoulder trend has been around for a few years, making us add a few more strapless bras to the underwear drawer, but there is good news on the horizon - you can keep your straps on for this year.

Next season's bold puff shoulders gather with pleats of elastic, which work particularly well with square necklines on feminine dresses.

Hit up Brock Collection, Rodarte and Saint Laurent to get started on the silhouette.

OUT Microsunnies

IN Round lenses

Itty bitty sunnies that barely shield your eyes from the sun probably top the spot for the trends we did not get last year.

Once popular in the '40s and then again in the '90s, it is something that you will look back on and cringe. Instead, opt for round lenses that are more flattering yet practical.

OUT Millennial pink

IN Neon

We will always and forever have a soft spot for the shade of pink that has been plaguing our Instagram feeds for a few years now, but it's time to ditch the colour - and go even bolder and better with neon.

Pink or otherwise, wear the highlighter shade with reckless abandon and stand out.

OUT Bike shorts

IN Leggings

We blame Kim Kardashian for making this a thing. Bike shorts belong on cyclists - and not for when you're out and about, risking mayhem and camel toe galore.

The good news is athleisure is still in style, and you can continue to rock leggings even though you're not heading to the gym.

OUT Chunky dad sneakers

IN Regular shoes

Whether you've embraced the dad sneaker or glared at anybody wearing them, we're happy to report that it's on the way out and making way for sleeker, cleaner sneaker models.

OUT Latex dress

IN Anything but latex!

Again, we blame the Kardashians. We get that fashion isn't always comfortable, but there are some things that should be left to dominatrixes - and sausages.

OUT Jorts

IN Sensible shorts

Let jeans be jeans, and not shorten them to your knees to make them shorts. They're just not cute. Thankfully, next season, we're seeing sensible shorts that are tailored and knee length. Look to the runways of Alexa Chung, Margaret Howell, Rejina Pyo and Preen by Thornton Bregazzi for inspiration.

OUT Tracksuits

IN Pant suits

We know the '90s revival is to blame, but why didn't we learn our lesson in the past with this? Co-ords, in the form of pants suits and skirts suits, are staying put though, and we're welcoming that.

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