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Happy April Fool's: Here are 5 pranks you can play on your colleagues

It's that time of the year again where you can find out which colleague has a sense of humour.

And to those who don't, just grin and bear it.

Here are five of the best loved pranks that are guaranteed to tickle a funnybone or two, the Mirror UK reported.

The best part? The jokes are rather easy to put together - Oreos and stuffed donuts, anyone?

Have a Happy April Fool's Day!


1) Toothpaste Cookies

Try these sandwich cookies with a tingly flavour.

Who will be amused? The giver, of course.





2) Mayonnaise donuts

When you're expecting sweet and it turns out oh-so-salty. Eww!




3) Cracked desktop/ laptop screen

Someone, call the IT department! 

The trick: Find and download a reasonably high-resolution image of a cracked screen.

Searching on Google images should give you lots of options.

Set the image as a screensaver on their computer, making sure it is set to activate after a short amount of time (30 seconds or so).

If your colleague uses a desktop computer rather than a laptop, you could make the prank more convincing by unplugging their keyboard and mouse.


4) Take the p*** out of them



5) Call me, maybe

Take a screen shot of the homepage of their phone, then remove all the apps from their homepage and set the screenshot as the background.

They'll be trying to click on their messages icon or their Facebook icon to open the apps, without realising that it's actually just a picture.

Sources: YouTube, Mirror UK

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