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4 tips to boosting your hair care routine in the new year

You can give your crowning glory a lot more TLC than a simple shampoo and wash.

Many of us have the basics of a skincare routine down pat: we cleanse, tone and moisturise. We know to wear sunscreen on our face and neck before heading out. Occasionally, we will use a facial mask as a home spa treatment. 

However, when it comes to taking care of our tresses, we are often not quite as meticulous or thorough. 

Over time, the lack of a proper hair care routine, compounded with factors such as a bad diet and a stressful lifestyle, can lead to a multitude of problems beyond just dry hair, dandruff and oily scalp.

For instance, you might find yourself sweeping up a worrying amount of hair strands from the floor. According to Beijing 101 Hair Consultants, anything above an average of 100 strands of hair lost per day is cause for concern.

As with your skin, the way to a healthy head of hair goes beyond just using the right shampoo and conditioner.

In the new year, make your hair your top priority and tackle any hair concerns that you might have with these tips.

Wash and dry the right way

To ensure your hair is properly clean, lather up your shampoo in your palms, apply it to your hair, and give your scalp a gentle massage to ensure that any dirt, serum and build-up is removed. 

In general, about three minutes is a good amount of time for a thorough shampooing. Once you have rinsed out all the shampoo, apply conditioner to the bottom two-thirds of your hair; this way, you avoid having the conditioner weigh down your roots, or cause your scalp to produce even more oil. 

You should also ensure you are using the appropriate hair care range suitable for your hair and scalp type. 

As far as possible, let your hair air-dry about 70 to 80 per cent of the way before using a hairdryer. Pressed for time? Towel-dry excess water from your locks and keep the hair dryer at a distance of about 20cm from your hair, whilst switching between hot and cold air.

Afterwards, brush out your hair at the ends to remove tangles, before making long strokes from the roots to the end. This technique will help spread out natural hair oil, preventing any breakage and hair loss. 

Ensure the right diet

Because hair is made of a protein called keratin, a diet rich in high protein foods – chicken, eggs, legumes, nuts and dairy products — is crucial to ensuring a full head of hair.

Additionally, iron-rich foods such as red meat and fish help to ensure a constant nutrient supply to hair follicles, while whole grains — which contain zinc and selenium — keep your scalp healthy. 

In short, eat a balanced, healthy diet and both your overall sense of wellbeing and hair health will thank you for it. 

Readjust your lifestyle

The pressures of modern life can have a greater impact on your hair health than you realise. 

A high-stress job, lack of sleep and prolonged external stress (like dealing with an ongoing pandemic) can all lead to stress-induced hair loss: the hairs on your head are triggered, and suddenly move into the shedding phase. 

While little can be done to mitigate external pressures, finding the right coping mechanisms — such as taking up the practice of meditation and getting adequate rest and exercise — may help improve your mental and emotional well-being, keeping locks shiny and happy. 

Find the right treatment

The right hair treatment is not only a pampering experience you can incorporate into your hair care routine, but an opportunity to properly address any hair concerns you might have. 

Finding a suitable one might take some trial-and-error, so leave your hair in the good hands of the experts at Beijing 101 Hair Consultants.


Beijing 101 has 47 years of experience in the haircare industry. On top of addressing hair loss, it has helped its customers with other issues such as oily, dry or damaged hair, and dandruff.

Its hair treatments consist of effective natural herbs such as ginseng (stimulates hair follicles), lingzhi (improves blood circulation) and he show wu (prevents premature greying hair). The customised hair treatment also includes Signature Scalp Massage, which comes in four variants — Overall Well Being, Tension, Stress and Sleeping Disorders — to provide effective relief.

According to its research, 90 per cent of its customers have seen visible results after enjoying a customised hair treatment. Each begins with a hair and scalp analysis consultation, ensuring that the TLC you receive is tailored to your specific needs.

For privacy, you can enjoy your haircare session in one of the available private rooms. PHOTO: BEIJING101

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