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6 signs you are not drinking enough water

We all know drinking water is good for our health, but how many of us really make the effort to drink enough? Here are the ways your health will be affected if you do not get your dose of H20.

You feel tired

If you feel fatigued and sluggish even after having a good night's sleep, chances are you are not drinking enough water. A lack of water leads to thicker blood, which then interferes with the transport of oxygen and nutrients in your body.

The lack of oxygen leads to lethargy.

You feel the hunger pangs more often

Do you still feel hungry even after a full meal? Well, it is most probably because you are not drinking enough water. When your body is dehydrated, it might think that it needs food, causing you to crave for that extra serving of fries. So try drinking a cup or two after every meal before running to get a snack.

Your pee smells

The colour of your urine is a surefire way to tell whether you are drinking enough water. If it is dark yellow or dark brown, you are definitely dehydrated. Not forgetting, a lack of water makes your pee smell nasty - like ammonia. A healthy urine colour is a light yellow or even clear so the next time you pee, remember to take a peek.

Your skin is dry

Dry skin is one of the earliest signs that you are not drinking enough water.

Your skin needs to stay hydrated all the time and a lack of water will affect your body's ability to sweat and eliminate the excess dirt and oil. Drinking water will ensure that your skin stays hydrated and healthy all day long.

You get sick more often

Drinking water is essential in filtering and flushing out the toxins in your body. So if you get a headache or feel dizzy often, you probably need to drink more water.

Your breath is a little bad

Bad breath is the ultimate conversation killer. Keeping your mouth moist will help to wash away bacteria and food particles stuck within your teeth. So drink more water to keep bad breath at bay.

This article was first published in Cleo Singapore (www.cleo.com.sg)