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Asian ingredients to help you lose weight, boost metabolism

Dieting is a part of any weight loss journey. In addition to how much you eat, what you eat also matters. Your chosen meals can either slow down or speed up your weight loss results. To lose weight more efficiently and boost your metabolism, try incorporating these ingredients into your food.


Ginger has been the go-to natural remedy for everything from colds to nausea and headaches, and several studies have found that it may also prevent weight gain. Furthermore, it seems to promote feelings of satiety and keeps your appetite in check. You could try it in a drink, with a few slices steeped in hot water before heading out for a meal.


According to several studies, onions have anti-obesity properties thanks to its oils and active compounds like quercetin and allicin. However, the catch is that its fat-regulating properties seem to be most potent when the pungent bulb is eaten raw. If you don't mind the strong taste and having onion breath, it's worth giving this a go.


Capsaicin, which gives chilli its fiery kick, triggers your body to burn up stored fat, which may be just what you need to drop those last stubborn kilos.

In addition to its weight-loss properties, which wards off many health issues, capsaicin supposedly also alters gut bacteria.

These factors all work together to help you live longer, according to a study published in peer-reviewed journal PLOS One.


In Sanskrit, turmeric is known by different names, some of which translate to "killer of fat" or "fat dissolver". Studies have been carried out on the golden spice's weight management properties, and results seem to conclude that turmeric does promote weight loss and help you achieve a more slender figure.

More research is needed to determine the best dosage, but you can try out this aromatic root by adding some of it to your drinks or dishes.

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