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Eating in moderation the key for footballer Isa

Renowned for his battling skills, he was a member of the Singapore team that won the 2012 AFF Suzuki Cup and also helped the Lions XII lift the 2013 Malaysian Super League title, footballer Isa Halim, 30, is one of Singapore's top defensive midfielders.

Here's what he eats to keep in shape.

What do you usually take for breakfast?

Oats with two hard-boiled eggs and a cup of coffee. If I'm really hungry, I'll throw in two slices of toast. Coffee is a must-have to get the engine started.

I try not to go too heavy in the morning so that I won't feel too bloated for training.

And for lunch and dinner?

The staple item is rice. I cannot do without it even for a day. But to avoid putting on weight, I limit my portion.

I avoid spicy food if I have an evening training session. I also have a tea break between lunch and dinner. Some kaya toast and coffee an hour before training to fuel up.

On match days, I usually cook my own meals, normally pasta-based or fish soup with rice.

Is there anything that you avoid?

I'm not fussy but I believe everything has to be in moderation. I don't eat cakes. They are always too sweet for my liking. The only exception is on my birthday.

What are some diet tips for athletes?

I try not to go crazy with fast food or soft drinks. (After training or playing hard,) I reward myself with waffles and ice cream.

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