Get sweaty to stay healthy

Sweating a lot more at home during the circuit breaker because you cannot afford to leave the air-conditioner on all day?

Sure, it can get really uncomfortable, if not gross.

But if you know about the healthful benefits, you might be less bothered by these minor inconveniences. You may even start to feel good about sweating, even if not from exercise.

Gets rid of toxins

While your liver and kidneys are the star players when it comes to detoxing, research increasingly shows that sweating also helps. There is a reason why so many spas and gyms have steam rooms or saunas.

A study in the Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology found that various toxic elements are expelled from your body through sweat; while another report in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health shows that your body can get rid of lead, mercury and arsenic compounds through the skin at the same rate they are excreted through urine.

Gives you healthier skin

When you sweat, your pores open up to allow surface dirt and impurities to "wash" off. The problem with sweat is not sweat itself, but letting the gunk sit on your skin for too long afterwards. Keep pimples at bay by wiping away excess perspiration, and hit the shower as soon as you can.

Keeps you healthy

Fight off germs and bugs with a good dose of vitamin C and some sweat. Yes, those drops of perspiration are actually home to a naturally occurring antibiotic agent called dermcidin.

These are secreted by sweat glands and help to effectively combat pathogens such as tuberculosis bugs and staphylococcus bacteria, according to research from the University of Edinburgh.

Helps you trim kilos

While sweating is definitely not a prescription for weight loss, it is undeniable that you do lose water weight through it. The activities that get you hot and sweaty are already good calorie burners anyway, like running and climbing the stairs.

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