Intense workouts could reduce men's libido

Men who routinely do unusually intense or long workouts may be less likely to have a normal libido than their peers who don't work out so hard, a recent study suggests.

Even though being overweight and sedentary have long been tied to low sex drive, or libido, some previous research has also linked endurance workouts, such as marathons or long-distance cycling, to reduced levels of the male sex hormone testosterone and lower libido.

For the current study, researchers examined survey data on exercise habits and libido for 1,077 healthy men.

Compared to men with the most intense exercise regimens, men with the lowest intensity workouts were almost seven times more likely to have a normal or high libido, the study found.

Similarly, men who spent the least time on exercise were four times more likely to have a high or normal libido as men who trained the most. - REUTERS