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More older adults breaking bones while walking dogs

Older adults who walk their dogs on a leash have been breaking bones at an increasing rate, with women and hip bones most at risk, researchers say.

The study, which used information from a US database of emergency room patients, found that cases of fractures in dog walkers over age 65 more than doubled from 2004 to 2017.

Most fractures - 79 per cent - were in women, and the bone most often broken was the hip. However, more than half of patients broke a bone in the upper extremity region that includes shoulders and fingers.

In 29 per cent of cases, the injuries were so severe patients were admitted to hospital.

Senior author Jaimo Ahn suggests dog owners seek out obedience training for pets or strength training for the owners.

Dr Ahn said: "There is more and more research coming out that resistance training - not just cardiovascular exercise - is good for your body and mind as you age." - REUTERS