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Should you still go for facials, spa services during amid Covid-19?

People have been avoiding crowds, prolonged periods of time in large groups or any activity that may potentially expose them to Covid-19.

This may include workouts, play dates and even facial treatments.

But should you sacrifice self care in light of the outbreak?

Here is a look at the precautions that local spas and aesthetic clinics are taking against potential virus transmission.


According to Estetica Beauty, it has stepped up the frequency of hand-washing in order to eliminate any viruses and bacteria.

As it is, facial services already have a high frequency of hand-washing as therapists observe good hygiene practices.

Tools used for extractions are also sterilised before use.

It is important to pick spas and aesthetic clinics that practise good hygiene in the first place, whether there is an epidemic or not.


Aside from calling customers to confirm their appointments, Mizu Aesthetic Clinic and Epion Clinic make it a point to screen the customers' travel histories to ensure they have not travelled to China in the last 14 days. At Mizu Aesthetic Clinic, hand sanitisers are placed at the counters for customers' use.


Therapists, nurses and doctors don masks in order to limit the spread of viruses and bacteria - a practice already in place.

So it is probably safe to pamper yourself during this time.

Most clinics and spas would have sent out an advisory to their customer base.

But in case you're visiting a new establishment, it would be wise to ring them up and ask about the precautions and hygiene protocols they have in place.

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