Here's a cool video selfie you might want to try

As if a normal selfie isn't already hard enough to get right, there's now a new type of selfie you need to try mastering.

If you manage to get it right, then you'd actually be pretty cool.

Ex-Microsoft employee Karen Cheng was test​ing out sweeping motions with her camera when she discovered what she has named the "donut selfie".

"I did one that was from one side of my head to the other, made a donut around my head, and the video started looping and woahhhh that looks cool," said Ms Cheng.



"Soon enough I was running all around the city trying to get cool shots, playing with slo mo effects and iPhone lens attachments, and this was the result." - Karen Cheng​, who invented the donut effect

Based in San Francisco, Karen said she created her video using an iPhone and edited it with iMovie.

She has since uploaded a video compilation of these panoramic selfie shots of herself with various backdrops. 

If you think it's something you'd like to try, watch her tutorial to learn how to do it:



Source: Daily Mail