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How would you react to drive-by compliment?

Don't doubt the power of a compliment.

It can turn a frown into a smile.

And make someone's day.

Comedian/actor Blake Grigsby took to the streets of Chicago in a car and shouted compliments to pedestrians as he passed them by.

Sometimes he shouted it at the top of his voice, other times he had the help of a megaphone.

People were initially puzzled by the words of appreciation, but upon realising it was directed at them, the confusion transformed into happiness.

His friend filmed the whole thing and Mr Grigsby uploaded it on his YouTube channel.

While he makes it look easy, drive-by compliments aren't easy to pull off without coming off a tad insincere as the guy below found out. 


How would you react to a drive-by compliment?

Source: Mashable

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