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Celebrate Christmas and New Year with FairPrice's festive snacks

Stock up on irresistible food and drinks to share during the festive period

With Christmas decorations up and a New Year vibe in the air, it is never too early to start stocking up on festive snacks for upcoming house parties.

For many, the holiday season heralds lots of eating and drinking.

In other words, it is also that time of the year where you stuff yourself silly with nibbles.

Count on FairPrice to offer a plethora of affordable and flavourful bite-sized options and specially imported beer - perfect for sharing with loved ones.

Munch on FairPrice Housebrand tidbits such as Fish Ball Crackers (also available as Fish Stick Crackers), Belinjau Crackers (for those craving its signature bitter taste), Tapioca Hot & Spicy (also available in original or sambal chilli) and Muruku Thick and Thin.

Super crunchy, slightly salty and hearty, these staple finger foods are guaranteed to hit the spot and have your guests reaching for more.

Alongside these evergreen favourites, you can also go nutty with Natural Fruits & Nuts, Cocktail Nuts, Baked Almonds, Roasted Cashew Nuts and Baked Walnuts.


Take them out on the go, so you can have a snack any time and anywhere the craving hits.

If you are spoiled for choice and not sure what to get, the Assorted Fruits & Nuts Set - which comes in eight different varieties of snacks all in a pack - will ensure that even the pickiest of eaters will be satisfied.

These festive snacks will be available in FairPrice, FairPrice Finest and FairPrice Xtra stores from Nov 19.


You also cannot go wrong with FairPrice Housebrand Potato Chips 75g (usual price $1.35 per pack), which boasts a new packaging design but same great taste.

Made from 100 per cent fresh potatoes, each chip is crispy and irresistible.

It is available in Original, Chilli, Hot & Spicy, Sour Cream & Onion and Barbecue.

Cannot decide on which flavour to get? Grab the value pack (UP $4.95) featuring four different flavours.

Of course, no festive gathering is complete without a round of tipple.

Christmas and New Year celebrations provide the best opportunities to bond and catch up over a beer or two.

Belgian premium lager beer brand Martens Pilsener has a dry and crisp taste with mild bitterness, which complements fatty meat and savoury food such as salmon, fried chicken or nuts.


Boasting a beautiful golden hue and a full-on taste, it is available in a pack of six (UP $14.50) and a carton of 24 (UP $56.50) and is best served chilled.


If you are a teetotaller, a must-buy for the festive season is the FairPrice Housebrand Blackcurrant Juice Cordial 2L ($10.60 a bottle till Dec 31, UP $11.60).

Rich in Vitamin C and halal-certified, mix one part juice cordial with four parts water and you are good to go. It also comes in Orange 2L ($3.25 a bottle, UP $3.85) flavour.

Convenient yet satisfying, all these goodies come together to create a party in your mouth that will help you ring in 2019 with a bang - and maybe a good burp.

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