CNY calorie count: 3 slices of bak kwa = 7 bowls of rice

Oil, cream, butter and sugar. That's what these delicious goodies are made of.

That's why people who let go and stuff their faces during Chinese New Year sometimes live to regret it.

Here's a guide to some of the most popular snacks which we have put into perspective for you, courtesy of calorie count information from the Health Promotion Board, Health Exchange and Tan Tock Seng hospital.

Think about it in terms of bowls of rice, where one bowl is on the average 160 calories and you may save yourself a few months of dieting and exercise after the festivities are over.


1. Pineapple Tart (82 calories)

6 pineapple tarts = 3 bowls of rice


2. Bak Kwa (1 slice, 94g, 370 calories)

3 slices bak kwa = 7 bowls of rice


3. Love Letter (56 calories)

6 love letters = 2 bowls of rice


4. Kueh Lapis (8x4cm, 145 calories)

3 pieces of kueh lapis = 3 bowls of rice


5. Kueh Bangkit (25 calories)

6 pieces of kueh bangkit = 1 bowl of rice


6. Shrimp Roll (23 calories)

7 shrimp rolls = 1 bowl of rice

7. Yusheng (1 serving, 561 calories)

1 serving of yusheng = 3 and a half bowls of rice


8. Peanuts (1 handful, 20g, 113 calories)

3 handfuls of peanuts = 2 bowls of rice

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