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A fresh way to order sushi

Itacho Sushi's app allows for a more seamless experience at their restaurants

Chinese New Year and fish - it is a hard relationship to break. So to enhance your "yu" (fish in Mandarin, which also means abundance), try eating sushi.

Itacho Sushi's food ordering app is a new way to order your sushi meal at their restaurants.

You can decide what you want beforehand and scan your orders the moment you get to the restaurant. Your meal will then be ready in no time. Another advantage is that you can find out which items have sold out, so you can make your way to an outlet that has them.

This season, bluefin tuna (kuro maguro) is the highlight at the chain. The restaurant is selling the tuna at more than 30 per cent off its regular price. The usual price starts from $4.50, but it is now going for $3.40 for a limited period.

The app is available on Google Play and the Apple App stores. You can use it at the Bugis Junction, Ion Orchard, Plaza Singapura and Star Vista outlets. It will be introduced to the other outlets in the near future.

Itacho Sushi’s app (above) allows you to decide what you want to order before you get to the restaurant. PHOTO: ITACHO SUSHI




KFC has one of the best Chinese New Year deals. Its Fortune Meal comes with two pieces of chicken, the new and delicious Golden Cheesy Mushroom Sauce, a regular whipped potato, a regular coleslaw and a cup of Sjora Mango Peach drink. The best part? It is just $8. Visit www.kfc.com.sg for details.


From Friday to Monday, Window on the Park (Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre, Tel: 6733-8333) is offering free yusheng with your meal on top of dishes such as waxed duck and ayam buah keluak on the buffet line. Lunch starts from $80 nett for two. Dinner is from $100 nett for two.


Takujo Japanese Dining at Emporium Shokuhin (Marina Square) is offering a Japanese take on yusheng. Its version is colourful ($88, for up to 10 people) with Japanese ingredients such as seaweed and jellyfish, and fatty bluefin tuna belly.


I am always up for a coconut dessert. Soicoco's Festive Bundle of four Coconut Puddings is now available at $18.80 instead of the usual $20.80. There is free delivery if you buy three sets. To order, call 8228-3002 or visit www.soicoco.com

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