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Take a look at the world’s first Hello Kitty Chinese restaurant

Dear Hello Kitty fans, you can now have your cat and eat it too.

Introducing, the world’s first Hello Kitty Chinese restaurant.

Because, what is better than a custard bun? A Hello Kitty custard bun, of course!


The same logic applies to the char siew puff, lotus paste bun and steamed sponge cake.


The restaurant, which is in Hong Kong, opened for business last month.

According to Time, the official launch is on June 1.

Fans of the iconic kitty have been eager to dine on their favourite cartoon character.


Restaurant owner Man Kwong told Time that it took months of negotiating with Sanrio, the company which owns Hello Kitty, before he finally got the go-ahead.

Each item on the menu had to be individually approved by Sanrio executives.

If you can't read Chinese, you may find it difficult to understand the menu when you visit. (The only English words on the menu are "Hello Kitty".)

But true fans will know that they can't go wrong with anything that has the cat's name in it.

Craving for something a little more filling than dim sum?

Don't worry, there's also fried rice and noodles on the menu. 


And you can choose to top it off with some Hello Kitty wine, which starts at HKD$398 (S$69) a bottle.

Almost everything in the restaurant has the cat's face emblazoned on it – the mirrors, screens and utensils. Even the chefs' uniforms aren't spared.


The restaurant doesn't take reservations, so if you stop by while on holiday in Hong Kong, be prepared to queue.

Sources: Time, Facebook/Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine

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