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Taste the Thai Hom Mali difference with Royal Umbrella

Enjoy sustainably-sourced Royal Umbrella Thai Hom Mali rice today

Helping to do our bit for the environment can extend beyond recycling our plastics and conserving water and electricity. Ensuring that we get our food from sustainable sources goes a long way in preserving our ecosystem.

Rice is a big part of our meals, so consider serving your family Royal Umbrella Thai Hom Mali rice.

Each grain is DNA-tested to ensure that the rice is 100 per cent Thai Hom Mali, with no adulterants added. And each serving is naturally fragrant when cooked.

The whole kernel long grains are grown in Thailand where rice specialists and farmers work together to ensure proper cultivation processes and top-quality standards are met, starting with the selection of high-quality raw materials.

And since 2016, the Royal Umbrella Sustainability Rice Cultivation Campaign has been improving Thai Hom Mali rice farmers’ livelihood and their community sustainability by ensuring that all agricultural products from the rice farmers are quality controlled, environment-friendly and sold at a fair market price.

Make your own Royal Savoury He Yip Fan with this recipe from Chef Lisa Leong. PHOTO: TOPSELLER RICE

Recipe for Royal Savoury He Yip Fan

by Chef Lisa Leong

● 3 rice cups Royal Umbrella Thai Hom Mali Rice
● 1 rice cups Brown Rice
● 5 soaked dried mushrooms, diced
● 3 rice cups hot chicken broth
● 1¾ rice cups rich lotus leaves stock
● 4 tablespoons shallot oil

Sauté ingredients: 
● 2 tablespoons Golden Circle Sunflower Oil
● 2 tablespoons chopped shallot

● 200g fried chicken sausage, diced
● 50g fried baby scallops
● 2 tablespoons deep fried shallots
● 3 tablespoons chopped spring onion

1) Prepare the hot chicken broth and lotus leaves stock. Pour out and set aside. Heat wok over medium heat, add sunflower oil and chopped shallot, pan-frying until fragrant.

2) Mix in seasoned rice and shallot oil, stir-frying for a further two minutes. Then pour in hot chicken broth and lotus stock, stirring well. Transfer rice to rice cooker. Select RICE cooking mode.

3) Once cooked, fluff cooked rice with fork and add in all garnishing ingredients. Stir well to combine. Keep warm for 10 minutes before serving.

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