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Trump-Kim summit inspires Irish chef

HANOI An Irish chef in Hanoi is serving a cheeky menu to mark this week's summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Two new burgers - the Durty Donald and Kim Jong Yum - have been on sale at the Durty Bird restaurant since Monday, as Vietnam's capital hosts the two leaders.

The restaurant's co-owner and head chef Collin Kelly said the two burgers were designed to capture the likeness of the leaders.

Mr Kelly said the Durty Donald was like Mr Trump himself - "so extravagant" - with double beef, double bacon, topped with strands of yellow chicken floss.

"To match some of the controversy that surrounds him, we've put Russian dressing on it.

"So a bit tongue-in-cheek, but I think he'd see the funny side," he said.

The "Kim Jong Yum" burger is made of smoked pork belly, wild boar meat, kimchi mayonnaise and crispy fried kimchi.

Mr Kelly said he had been surprised by the interest in the burgers.

He was even visited by two North Korean journalists who wanted his "opinion on the burgers and the summit". - REUTERS

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