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Waiter, I want a cockroach in my coffee

Give her a picture of your pet and barista Chang Kuei-fang will take just 10 minutes to reproduce it as a frothy 3-D work of coffee art.

She uses brushes and colouring made of espresso, chocolate or fruit jam to illustrate the figures she creates from steamed milk spooned on top of espresso shots.

Crafting a 3-D image from milk foam was the biggest challenge for Ms Chang, 48, who owns the My Cofi cafe in the Taiwanese port city of Kaohsiung.

"The hard thing is to control the milk froth," she said. "So I came up with a way to express their charm," she added, referring to customers' pets.

"I stack up milk froth to create a layered look."

Depending on the degree of difficulty and ingredients, one carefully-sculpted cup of foamy art can cost up to 700 Taiwanese dollars (S$31).

Ms Chang first ventured into latte art after starting as a coffee street vendor in 2003.

Waiter, I want a cockroach in my coffee
Ms Chang Kuei-fang (above) creates 3-D coffee art that has drawn many customers to her cafe for Instagrammable photos. PHOTOS: EPA

She opened the cafe in 2011.

Customers are willing to let the pricey coffee go cold while they snap pictures of the fleeting artwork.

"We have been taking pictures for one hour now, but are still reluctant to start drinking," said Ms Amy Li, who was meeting high school friends on a trip from Taipei.

Ms Chang also draws portraits of customers and cartoon characters.

"It is very cute and also makes us look younger (and) more beautiful," said customer Hsu Lin-yun. - REUTERS

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