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Man wears chicken skin suit, stirs art debate

These days, anything can be considered art.

Even a suit made out of dead chicken skin, stitched together with black thread.

Compared to this man's suit, or rather, "art piece", Lady Gaga's infamous Meat Dress is haute coutre.

The man wearing the suit is Lewis Burton, and the artist responsible for it is Victor Ivanov.

Ivanov calls his art piece Flesh. Very imaginative!

Burton then walks around London, and even takes the Tube!



Can you imagine being stuck with him in a train at peak hour?

We took a look at Victor's website to find out more about his art, and we weren't very enlightened.

He says: "FLESH is an experiment that examines the relationship between identity and its commodification through social medias."

Erm, that sounds like a bunch of buzzy artsy words strung together in a sentence.

"This abnormality creates a stimulus for the general public to interact with, by allowing them to adopt FLESH as part of their cyber identity," he adds.

confused animated GIF

But if you are more cultured than this reporter and understand what Ivanov is going for, you might want to consider buying throw pillows, wall clocks and heart charm necklaces at his online store.

Yes, they are all made out of dead chicken skin.

Apparently dead chicken skin is a rare commodity because a throw pillow is currently going for £35.00 (S$73).

Source: New York Daily News, Flesh Boutique

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