Meet the human Barbie with natural looks

The newest Barbie girl in town said she is different from the other dolls - her looks are all natural.

Ms Alina Kovalevskaya claims she has not gone under the knife to achieve her big eyes, small nose and lips, as well as her ultra-slim figure, reported The Mirror.

The Ukrainian with her metre-long blonde hair has a large fanbase, with 22,000 followers on Russian social network VK. 

The psychology and social work undergraduate at Odessa University has loved changing her image since she was young.

"It started when I was 13 years old," she said.

"Since then I love to try something new. Now I have the image of a Barbie doll."

"I consider big eyes, small noses and small plump lips as beautiful."

Ther have been other Barbies like fellow Ukrainian Valeria Lukyanova and Russian Anzhelika Kenova, who have undergone surgery to perfect their looks.

Is Ms Kovalevskaya​ the real deal? You decide.

Source: The Mirror, Alina Kovalevskaya's Facebook page

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