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Archie - comic book character or new royal baby

LOS ANGELES : Archie Andrews, the red-headed comic book character? Or Archie Bunker, US television's bad-tempered bigot from the 1970s?

The choice of Archie as the name for Britain's newest royal baby sent social media into a tailspin on Wednesday and confused Americans who associate the name with two of the nation's biggest pop culture figures - and their pets.

The #Archie hashtag became the top trending item on Twitter soon after Prince Harry and his American wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, announced they were naming their two-day-old son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

Archie is one of the 20 most popular names for baby boys in Britain.

"They named #BabySussex Archie. This will all make more sense if he has red hair," Canadian horror fiction writer Susie Moloney said in a Twitter post, apparently referring to Harry's red hair.

For others, Archie is better known as a popular name for cats and dogs.

Researchers quickly came up with the meanings behind the names. People magazine said Archie is an abbreviation for Archibald, which means genuine, bold and brave. Harrison means "son of Harry" and Mountbatten was the name of the late uncle of Harry's grandfather Prince Philip.

Nevertheless, many users on social media remained unimpressed.

"Archie is a comic book name, how can they be so stupid? Poor kid," tweeted a user called Outrider32. - REUTERS