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Customise your curriculum vitae to stand out from the crowd

Are you struggling in your job search? What kind of curriculum vitae (CV) are you sending to your potential employers?

Are you using the same CV for all the job positions you are applying for? Or do you customise your CV for each job position?

If your answer is: "Of course I use the same CV. Why do I have to customise my CV? Isn't it a waste of time?" then you should change that perception soon.

The truth is, not customising your CV for each job you are applying for will lower your chances of getting an interview or employed.

The CV is the most fundamental weapon one has when applying for a job.

Despite its small form, the single-sheet CV is the first thing that connects a potential employee with the company.

It is the first medium from which the employer gains brief information to decide if you are the right person for the job.

In this era of high competition, hundreds to thousands of CVs are going to the human resources' mailbox for each job opening.

It is impossible for recruiters to scrutinise each of them - seconds are all they take to scan each resume.

To move on to the next selection process, your CV not only has to stand out from more than half of the applicants, you need to make it as catchy as possible too.

When it comes to a job search, customising your CV becomes the most necessary action to pass the recruiter's initial review.


Your resume should be able to demonstrate your core selling points and strengths within a short period of time.

In this case, customising a CV means finding something that is relevant to the job applied, creating particular space for it and filling it with qualifications or experiences that will draw the recruiter's interests.

With the comfort and ease of online job application these days, jobseekers are commonly taking only minutes to study the job advertisements before hitting the "apply" button.

Some do have an interest in the job, but others are only trying their luck by randomly depositing their resumes for numerous job postings.

To stand out from the crowd, you need to show a genuine interest in the job by tailoring your CV.

Hiring managers want to see only qualifications that meet the job requirements.

There are several tips on how you can customise your CVs:

  • You need to carefully read the job description and requirements. If you cannot fulfil more than 50 per cent of them, do not apply for the job.
  • List your expertise that matches the job on top of the resume. This way, the recruiters will notice it straightaway.
  • List only experiences and skill sets that are related to the job, and provide specific information you think can be beneficial for the job advertised.

Apply these easy tips, and employers will soon be sending you job interview invitations.

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