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Just in case you forgot: Some meaningful last-minute Valentine's Day gifts

It would be easy to forget that Valentine's Day is coming up this weekend.

Hint: It's on Sunday.

Yes. That soon. Like us, we are sure your mind may have been preoccupied with the extensive visiting and eating during the Chinese New Year holidays.

And if you don't celebrate Chinese New Year, what better time was there to catch up on some much-needed beauty rest.

But now the holidays are over. It's now time to snap back to reality.

And if you have that significant other, you'd better get ready for Valentine's Day. 

A special day that for some is also known as the day you need to look like you put a lot of money thought and time into a gift (even if you didn't). 

Before you start tearing your heart out, here are some simple solutions on how you can still please your other half even if you haven't spent a lot of time or money.



With Netflix officially being available in Singapore, Netflix and Chilling (I mean literally - and not the euphemism) could very well be the top date activity here.

There might be no better modern way to declare your commitment by sharing your account password.



According to a study conducted by Netflix, "more than half of all respondents feel that sharing their Netflix account is a very big step toward a 'serious' relationship." 

Imagine just how Romeo and Juliet could have been improved if Juliet got to use Romeo's account to watch the second half of Daredevil.

More than half of the survey respondents also said that this is a step that's only worth taking "until they are dating exclusively", while 17 per cent wait play super-catiouslyand wait to be engaged or even married before sharing an account. No word if it's written into the pre-nup for those cases.



How about super cute, free, and easy do-it-yourself idea for a Valentine's Day gift?

free printable love coupons page

Source: homemade-gifts-made-easy.com

These coupons can be given to your partner to peruse throughout the day - or even the week. 

You can offer cute services throughout the day like a back rub, or offering to walk your partner's dog.

It's totally up to you. The site even offers blank tokens so you can add something more in the M-18 or R-21 rated ! 



Ah, the tried and tested flowers. Sure, it may be a little less novel. But flowers always tend to leave a positive impression. 

Basically, they work.

But not everyone has time to get out and get flowers. So why not hit online.

Trezo, an online marketplace app, is having a flash sale where they are selling flowers for as cheap as $14 for two stalks of wrapped roses.

You can go to the download page here.


There is a choice two, three and five roses, ranging from $14 to $35.

But there's only one day to get your orders in. Orders have to be in by end of Thursday Feb 11 in order to make it in time for Valentine's Day. 


If you are in the market for a different kind of arrangement, local business Florals By Benita is offering bouquets.




Deliveries can be made with a day's notice from Feb 11. E-mail B@bybenita.com to see what is available.

Delivery is also offered for Monday Feb 15. Just in case you really need to make amends for missing the actual day.



You know what they say about couples who stay fit together? No? Well, it certainly doesn't hurt – especially after all the excessive eating over the Chinese New Year holidays.

And this can be something that can easily form a bond between the two of you.

So get a gym membership together, or come up with a plan to exercise together every week.

If you go to one of the 24-Hour gyms, such as Anytime Fitness, there's no excuse that there's no time.

Also, exercise releases endorphins which can boost those lovey feelings.

Of course, the problem comes when one of you starts looking hotter than the other.



There's nothing more romantic than whisking your other half on a holiday over the weekend.

With the number of budget flights available, one can easily score a cheap deal.

Or what about a staycation? Rent an Airbnb here in Singapore, and be a tourist in your own country.

Or get one of the many Valentine's deals that hotel's are running now.

From Carlton City to The Club or Royal Plaza on Scotts.

There are many to choose from.



The classic date venue. And if you love movies...

You could try for the GV Goldclass which has a promotion ($90 for public, $86 for members) which gets you the movie, wine, dessert and a rose. The film? Why that neo-romantic classic, er,  Deadpool.

Alternatively, there's the Screening Room, though none of the special screening are on Valentine's Day itself.

But hey, when it falls on Sunday, and there's work the next day. Why not start your celebration early on the night before.



Love is in the air..... Spend this Valentine's Day with your loved one at Screening Room!Enjoy some bubbly and...

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