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Mean Tweets: The local celebs edition

Ever wondered how local celebrities would react to nasty messages about themselves?

Well, MediaCorp's Channel 8 has taken a leaf out of American TV host Jimmy Kimmel's book and produced their version of Mean Tweets.

They got the cast of Dream Makers 2 – Ian Fang, Julie Tan, Qi Yu Wu, Romeo Tan, Zhou Chong Qing, Huang Biren, Zhang Zhen Huan – to read out unkind comments and respond.

Here's what some of them said.

Comment: Dennis Chew got hair loss problem?

Zhou Chong Qing's response: Eh, hello? Huh? (Intense hair flipping.) Who has more hair than me? Come on, la. (On-screen comment: Wah! What a full head of fake hair!)

Comment: Saw you at the gym today and guess what! You are totally a stuck-up person, who is so arrogant. You are not that that famous anyway.

Romeo Tan's response: Okay, okay. Then next time, when I gym, I take weights, I will keep smiling. And people walk by, I will, 'Hi, hi, I'm gymming now, exercising.'

Comment: He had only 2 expressions, that 'blank' face or that 'I'm in extreme pain' face.

Qi Yu Wu's response: Under what circumstances do I have a 'blank' face?

His second response: Did I have a 'blank' face or 'extreme pain' face when I was carrying the chicken. (A reference to the 2007 film 881, which was mentioned in an earlier mean message.) 'Blank' face... when do I have a 'blank' face? 'Extreme pain' face? (Pained expression.)

Comment: I don't find Julie attractive leh. Too skinny.

Julie Tan's response: (Fish face.)

Comment: Who is this?

Zhang Zhen Huan's response: Er, I have a connection to The Legend of Zhen Huan. (A popular Chinese TV series, which is also called Empresses in the Palace.) Not sure if you have watched The Legend of Zhen Huan.

(P.S. Zhang won Favourite Male Character Award at the Star Awards Show in April. He's also one of the 8 Dukes – a label for the eight rising pretty boy stars of Caldecott Hill.)


Cannot act? Annoying voice? Dream Makers 2 Cast take on netizens' nasty comments!

Posted by Channel 8 on Thursday, December 3, 2015


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