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New natural ways to care for your hair


Leekaja Beauty Salon's new extension is a ladies-exclusive space at Mandarin Gallery (#03-13) offering hair and beauty services using Number Three's all-natural professional care products from Japan that are designed for Asian hair.

With its holistic approach centred on a predominantly vegan service menu, Kantik Room provides a clean beauty haven that accommodates all lifestyles and beliefs.

The first-in-Singapore Number Three Trisyscore Treatment ($240 to $330) is a range of customisable premium treatments that repairs hair damage from its core and is specialised for every customer's needs.

Meanwhile, the Number Three vegan and halal colour services Hue, Color Conscious and Recroma ($170 to $260) use products that are infused with pure colour pigments and a treatment base.

Kantik Room is also offering the first-in-Singapore Mowan Megix10 ($140 to $230), a 10-minute salon hair colour created using Spectrum technology and containing low ammonia content.

Keraveg-18, a unique complex of 18 vegetable amino acids, restores hair's natural health while hair colour is developing.

The formula has anti-ageing properties, helps protect hair against atmospheric damage, and regenerates hair fibre to provide a vibrant shine, making it a colour and treatment in one process.


The local start-up's first line of cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and zero-waste solid shampoo bars was conceived out of a desire to introduce more sustainable haircare alternatives in a plastic-heavy industry.

A single dense shampoo bar of 100g lasts anywhere between 160 and 200 washes, saving you the need to buy three 350ml bottles of shampoo.

Packed primarily with natural ingredients such as argan oil, avocado oil, olive oil and sunflower seed oil, it is pH balanced, sulphate and paraben-free, and suitable for sensitive and oily scalps as well as coloured hair.

Beth's shampoo bars ($33.90), which are made in South Korea, are available at


The English beauty brand's new 100 per cent vegan haircare routines are made with vegan silk protein, a 100 per cent plant-based protein, which cleverly replicates the chemical structure of natural silk produced by the common European garden spider.

The new formulations are designed to improve the appearance of damaged hair, repairing the hair follicle from the inside out.

Take your pick from Tea Tree, Ginger, Moringa, Shea and Banana - all suitable for dry and flaky scalps, oily hair and scalps, as well as frizzy and dull hair.

The shampoos and conditioners ($17 to $22) are available at The Body Shop stores and online on Lazada, Shopee and Foodpanda.