Often overlooked, these household items also need to be cleaned

Little things that we often overlook when we clean our homes are actually more crucial than we think.

For household items that have high frequency of usage, like phones, door knobs, cupboard and furniture handles, it is advisable to clean and wipe with disinfectant at least two times a day during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here are the top six small areas we use the most that we tend to forget about, according to Mr Johnson Zhuo, owner of cleaning and disinfecting company Dream Sparkle.


With more people working from home, the "home office" laptop or desktop keyboards and mouse are usually forgotten. But these are the items that have high touch/contact points.


We usually sit on either the comfy sofa in the living room or one of the dining chairs before we take a shower - or even wash our hands - when we return home.


You might have taken them out and used them inside and outside your home, touching them frequently when you are working.


You might remember to disinfect the door handles but don't forget your fridge. Again, we need to remember to wash our hands and take a shower first before reaching out for a cold Coke when back home.

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They are often overlooked during the cleaning process, even though we touch them all the time.


Whether it is the one you use to wash dishes with or shower with, the sponge is a place where bacteria growth happens rapidly.

And how many of us are guilty of using them way past what is healthy - both in the kitchen and bathroom? It is advisable to change sponges every three to four weeks.

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