Skincare tips for 
the active

Nullify the harmful effects of sun and sweat with hydration and good hygiene

Exercise doesn't just benefit your body, but your skin as well. Don't dull your post-workout glow by giving in to bad skincare habits.

Here's your guide to making sure you leave the gym looking great and feeling great.


We're talking about towels - specifically, those over-the-counter ones you borrow from gyms.

Take the bath towels if you must, but pack your own face towel. The towel's fibres can trap nasty bacteria and transmit germs if not cleaned thoroughly.

Also, the idea of someone else wiping his or her sweaty face into the towel before you is just tough to stomach. Even if the towel has been washed before.


You want to be sun-kissed, not sunburnt and definitely not sun-damaged.

You may love heading outdoors, but UV rays are still one of the biggest culprits when it comes to premature skin ageing (pigmentation spots, wrinkles and dull skin).

Always aim for a broad-spectrum sunscreen that has at least SPF30 protection, and reapply every hour if you're in the sun.


Drink up for your body, drink up for your skin.

You're already guzzling from your water bottle throughout the day and that's great, but remember to keep your complexion dewy too.

Stash your favourite face mist in your bag or keep one at your office desk (skin gets especially dry in air conditioning) and spritz periodically throughout the day.


After a sweat session, be sure to hit the shower as soon as you can. Sweat, dirt and sebum that have accumulated on your skin after your HIIT (high-intensity interval training) class can clog pores and cause breakouts.

If you don't have access to a shower, clean up with some handy wet wipes instead.

We recommend micellar solutions wipes as they're gentle but effective.


On the same note, resist the temptation to linger in the shower. The feeling of hot water beating down on you might be what you crave, but it can also dry out your skin.

Try to limit shower time to less than 15 minutes, and moisturise once you're out. Don't forget to slather lotion on your body as well.


Adding two to three workout sessions in a week to your schedule means you're likelier to shower more often or spend more time in the sun.

Both can take a toll on your skin. To combat these skin stressors, invest in "me time" by pampering your skin with a face mask.

This article first appeared in, the only women's health and fitness magazine in Singapore.