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Tips to stay focused at work

Avoid wasting time and get more things done in a day

Cannot seem to stay focused at work? In a world full of cat videos and celebrity scandals, it is hard to stay on task.

You probably do not realise just how much precious time is wasted clicking on every notification and keeping multiple tabs open.

These distractions make you leave your working screen, and it takes 20 minutes to refocus. Get distracted thrice and itis an hour of your day wasted.

Here are the best tips to stop loafing, according to psychologist Lucy Jo Palladino, reported WebMD.

Quit scrolling through social media

Wake up, check Instagram.

On the bus, go on YouTube.

Bored, look at Twitter.

Though going on social media can be an interesting way to occupy your free time, it often extends to much more than that.

Beat it: Instead of going on your apps at work, try to do it only on breaks.

Not only will this set a fixed time for you, but it will also ensure that nobody will see you checking out a funny Facebook post during working hours.

Avoid multitasking too much

Juggling multiple tasks might feel like you are getting more done in less time, but experts say otherwise.

Whenever your attention goes from one task to another, you lose time in movement and refocusing. You end up with the same amount of tasks that take a longer time to complete.

Beat it: If possible, try focusing all your attention on just one task at a time.

If you are rushing to get all of them done, set one-hour timers so that you can work on all your tasks. Having limited time will allow you to concentrate better and work faster.

Set dedicated time for e-mails

The Adobe's 2018 Consumer E-mail Survey reported that people aged between 24 and 35 check their e-mails a lot. Not just that, but they spend over six hours on their e-mails. In just a day.

Beat it: Work e-mails are work, but they still distract you from your current task.

Avoid clicking on e-mail notifications unless they are urgent. The rest can wait a few hours. You can also set specific times to check your e-mails.

Make to-do list

You are bound to get distracted from your current task if you are thinking of the problems at home.

Things that happen outside of work might hold more personal value to you, which makes you more emotionally attached to them.

Beat it: It is impossible to switch off your thoughts, but you can try to calm down by writing down a list of things you have to do, so at least you know exactly what you are going to do once you leave work.

Deal with stress right

Like overthinking, stress gets in the way of your work as it affects your focus. Stress can also lead to uncomfortable symptoms such as tight shoulders, headaches and an increased heart rate.

Beat it: Finding a way to deal with stress is easier said than done, but there are many options you can explore. Physical practices include exercise and going outdoors, while mental methods include meditation and therapy. Sometimes, just a calming cup of tea can help you de-stress.

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