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Transform a blank canvas into wonderwall

There are chic and practical ways to give your wall a makeover

A blank wall can offer plenty of decorating opportunities and lend character to a space, be it a piece of art, a wall hanging or other statement-making accents.

Of course, it is not absolutely necessary to fill up a bare space. Blank or negative spaces give your room visual balance and draw the eye to focal pieces.

But if you are hung up on getting wall decor, here are the chic ways to give your wall a makeover.

Paintings and prints

Displaying art pieces is a fail-safe approach to injecting a stylish element and creating a focal point in your space.

And while it may seem counter-intuitive, go for a large piece of art to really make a statement in a small room.

For a long wall, a group of frames (think three in a row) can make a big impact.

Put up a gallery wall

In the same vein, fill up the space with a cluster of small frames. Add a personalised touch with prints, art, photographs or even calligraphed quotes.

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Plates and sculptures

Think decor with a three-dimensional touch. Got a beautiful plate collection but nowhere to display it? Instead of relegating the pieces to the cabinet, showcase them on the wall - you will need wire plate hangers - for guests to marvel at.

Or go for store-bought decor like handmade tribal tonga baskets.

Wall tapestry or covering

If you are all about that rustic, eclectic or bohemian vibe, consider getting a tapestry or wall covering.

The options are not just limited to macrame hangings either. Whether hung above the sofa, behind your bed headboard or as a backdrop for your console, they deliver softness and a laid-back appeal.

Go for greens

It is still full steam ahead for the "jungalow" trend. When it comes to decorating a bare wall with plants, there are a multitude of ways to do it: Wall-mounted planters, shelves for smaller pots, planter stands in varying heights or a single large potted plant.

Otherwise, think about creating a full-height vertical garden that will really bring your space to life.

Bring in a console

Great for dining rooms or entryways, consoles and sideboards double as display and storage. Choose decorative objects of varying heights and sizes - think vases, trays, lanterns, plants and books - to create visual flow.

Wonderful wallpaper

They now come in the trendiest prints, and there is one to suit every design style.

Let a mural-inspired one transport you to another locale, or go for a bold pattern to make your wall pop.

If you are not ready to commit to an entire wall covered in wallpaper, go for removable ones.

Mirror on the wall

This will instantly brighten up the space, and you can use decorative frames to echo and complement the aesthetic of the space.

It does not have to be hung up either. A tall mirror propped up against the wall is a fuss-free way to dress the wall up, and it bounces light off to make your room appear larger and airier.

Use it as storage

Make use of your wall as storage while having personal items on display.

Hang up bags, accessories, hats, a guitar collection or even mount your bicycle on the wall, saving precious floor space.

Transform blank canvas into wonderwall

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