Workspace ideas for a small apartment

Be creative and set up a cool and comfortable office space at home

Whether you work from home permanently or temporarily due to circuit breaker measures, you deserve more than a dull desk and boring chair in some part of your house.

In fact, your home workspace or study should be a place that inspires creativity while allowing you to get organised, and it doesn't necessarily need to be in a room of its own. Here are some ideas to help you maximise space and creativity.


When you're short on space, a wall can be a valuable asset. A practical and easy way to maximise your office area is by installing shelves, bookcases or pegboards on the wall. This will also ensure your clutter doesn't cut into your work area.

If properly organised and arranged with flair, it can even turn into a design feature.

And who says a home office has to be decked out only in neutral hues? Go all out on colours - they can really inject energy into a room. Roll out a bold rug, add treasured items and a plant or two.


Construct a makeshift workspace in your kitchen using a kitchen countertop. If you don't cook, there's no reason why you shouldn't make good use of every inch of space in your small apartment or flat.


Whether you're doing work or chilling at home, a well-lit room plays a big part in one's productivity, so windows are important. Natural light can also make a space feel bigger.

Set a desk and chair in front of a window so you can enjoy the view and help get the creative juices flowing.


Why not maximise space by having a see-through workspace? There's no need to shut yourself behind traditional walls - a glass work room gives the option of being open to the entire apartment.

Another bonus? Being able to keep an eye on that pot on the stove or the kids when they're doing their homework. Because if you're working from home, chances are you're doubling up on chores and childminding too.


If you don't have an extra room or nook in the house for a home office, look no further than the bedroom.

All you need is a desk that's at a comfortable height, an upholstered chair and some natural lighting. Add a desk lamp and a small indoor plant, and say hello to a cosy and creative workspace by the bed.


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