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YouTuber tests positive for Covid, shares experience of self-isolating in his home gym

It seems everyone’s been taking turns in contracting Covid-19 recently. 

The latest addition to the list of personalities who have “fallen positive” to the virus is Singapore-based Japanese YouTuber Ghib Ojisan, who caught Covid-19 right before Chinese New Year.

In a YouTube video uploaded on Feb 10, he documented his home-recovery experience and showed viewers how he spent his time in isolation. 

He revealed how he had been issued a Health Risk Warning, and a subsequent Antigen Rapid Test (ART) confirmed his suspicions. 

Quick reminder: Currently, those who test positive on an ART but are well are required to self-isolate for 72-hours. If they then test negative, they're allowed to stop self-isolation. Those who continue to test positive will have to stay isolated for seven days.  

Set to spend some quality time alone, Ghib Ojisan equipped and surrounded himself with necessities, even converting his home gym into an office. His meals were provided by his wife (who also self-isolated for 72 hours) and left outside his door. 


On the second day of isolation, the YouTuber said his throat felt a little sore. "It feels like there is something here," he said while pointing to his neck, adding that he also had phlegm, a cough, slight dizziness as well as a runny nose. 

"It really feels like I'm having a common cold," he said. 

However, he reassured viewers that the actual experience is not as terrifying as people may envision it to be. 

"I'm fully vaccinated. I even got the booster. It should be fine, hopefully," he added. 

Ghib Ojisan ended up isolating for the full seven days, finally testing negative on the last day.

Describing the ordeal as "mentally stressful and tiring", he said being isolated for seven days also greatly affects a person’s work routine and schedule. 

I felt like I was going crazy," he said.

Ghib Ojisan isn't the only online personality to share their experience of dealing with Covid-19.

When local actress Rui En tested positive recently, she said she “felt relieved” because she has "always hated suspense".

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