This 11.11, double the fun at Alibaba!

With the year-end festivities coming up, it’s time to get cracking on your shopping list

Newsflash: It’s only about seven weeks to Christmas.

While there’s a high chance that you have not started any planning for the festivities, don’t panic!

All you need to do is draw up your shopping list, and start your countdown to the Alibaba 2020 11.11 Global Shopping Festival — which will meet all your shopping needs.

Here are 11 things to know about the event.

1. Bigger, better, more to love

Expect much more from this virtual shopping bonanza, in its 12th edition this year!

Having started with 27 merchants in 2009, this year’s event has grown to its largest international presence to date, scaling up to feature more than 250,000 brands, 50,000 more than last year.

The Festival has also expanded their concept from “single” to “double” by introducing an additional sales window, enabling merchants to double up on promoting their products to consumers not just once, but twice.

2. Promo codes a-plenty

New to Taobao? Enjoy RMB50 (around S$10) off your first purchase with a minimum spend of RMB100 (around S$20) via the promo code PRNEW50.

For hardcore Taobao fans, promo codes are on the Taobao Livestream in-app, social media platforms and offline partners. Facebook: | Instagram: @taobao.official

3. New kids in retail

This year, over two million new products will be introduced on the market during the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival.

For shoppers, this can only mean more reasons to shop. Prior to Nov 11, a new sales window was added from 1 to 3 Nov to highlight new brands and small businesses and give them more opportunities to showcase their products across the sales period.

4. Taobao Livestream

Back by popular demand, this event will gather your favourite SG YouTubers and influencers Royce (Nov 10, 2pm, Live Party), Erica (Nov 11, Beauty) and 暴暴 (Nov 10, 8pm).

Camp in-app on Nov 10 and 11 from 8pm for a special promo code offering RMB100 (around S$20) off your purchases, plus a home tour, cooking show and an unboxing of their Taobao Free Shipping orders.

Look out for exciting sessions on cosmetics, electronics, cars, houses, and more on the Taobao Livestream as well.

T-Mall Countdown Gala. PHOTO: ALIBABA

5. Tmall 11.11 Gala

Take a breather from bargain hunting and catch this star-studded affair on Singtel TV e-Le channel CH501 on Nov 10, 7.30pm till late.

Have your Taobao app ready to scan the QR code flashed on your TV screen during the show, and you could win a hongbao worth RMB111 (around S$22).

6. CNY came early

Look out for RMB111 hongbao Frenzy, featuring RMB111 hongbaos site-wide up for grabs.

From now to Nov 11, look out for free shipping hongbaos in-app to enjoy limited quantities, discounts stackable with cross shop discounts, shop vouchers and promo codes.

7. Better delivery deals

From now to Nov 11, you can redeem a Cainiao shipping hongbao with your Cainiao Points — such as a limited RMB111 (around $22) shipping hongbao with 1111 points, RMB50 (around $10) hongbao with 1000 points, RMB25 hongbao with 500 points, RMB5 hongbao with 100 points.

New to Cainiao? RMB111 hongbaos are up for grabs from now to Nov 11. Available in limited quantities, this promotion is only valid to shoppers with a local address.

Scan the QR code to shop in-app or join in the live streaming. PHOTO: ALIBABA

8. Promos galore

From now to Nov 11, enjoy up to $40 off with Citibank, and other participating credit or debit cards.

Start collecting waiver vouchers from now to Nov 11 and your three per cent service fee will be waived when you use a Singapore debit or credit card. The promotion is limited, and discount stackable with shop vouchers and promo codes.

9. Cross shop discounts

Enjoy RMB40 (around S$8) off every RMB300 (around $61) spent in participating Tmall shops.

What’s more, enjoy RMB25 off RMB200 (around S$40) and RMB50 off RMB1000 (around S$200) when you make purchases at participating Taobao shops on Nov 11. This offer is discount stackable with existing hongbaos and promo codes.

10. Taobao SG Mart Free Delivery

On Nov 11, enjoy free local delivery with no minimum spend at Taobao SG Mart sellers. Score up to RMB200 (around S$40) shop vouchers, 1-for-1 deals, RMB99 (around S$20) flash deals and more!

11. Free international shipping with a minimum spend of RMB299 (S$60)

Ship direct from Taobao to your doorstep at zero cost, and save on international shipping and GST with a minimum spend of RMB299 on popular items across multiple categories.

From now to Nov 11, snatch RMB111 (around S$22) hongbaos to offset your free shipping purchases. This offer is limited, and discount stackable with cross shop discounts, shop vouchers and promo codes.

For more information on Alibaba’s exclusive 11.11 2020 deals and steals, click here.

Happy shopping, folks!