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5 must-have emergency make-up items

From face wipes to eyeliner, here's a list of what you need to go from drab to fab quickly

If you don't already have a stash of beauty products in office for emergency situations or touch-ups, it is never too late to start one.Being able to put a fresh face on when you need to is a godsend.

Here are the must-haves that give the greatest result in the shortest amount of time.


Keeping your skin feeling fresh throughout the day takes work, even if you aren't wearing make-up. The grime and build-up over the day can clog pores and leave your skin looking greasy. And piling on additional skincare or make-up products without cleaning your face first is unwise as it can introduce bacteria and cause breakouts.

An ideal face wipe isn't harsh on skin (alcohol-free is best). It also isn't dry (in terms of thewetness of the sheet) or too drying on skin.

We love the coconut face wipes from Sephora if you have dry skin. Another good drugstore option is the cleansing wipes from Simple that you can get at any Watsons or Guardian.


Getting rid of dark under-eye circles instantly brightens your face and makes you look refreshed.

Avoid messy pot concealers and choose something that is easier to apply on the go.

If you aren't already wearing eyeshadow, use your concealer as a makeshift eye primer and shadow in one.

Opt for a brightening concealing pen like Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Touche Eclat or the Maybelline Dream Lumi.

These do double duty as a subtle highlighter and concealer, which means you can use it all over your face to brighten up and even out your skin tone.


The office air-conditioning is going to dry out your skin and lips, so you should be using a lip balm anyway.

In the event you need something with a little more colour and find lipstick too much of a hassle to apply perfectly, a tinted lip balm is a happy medium.

Kiehl's has a brand new range of buttery lip treatments that come in tinted shades and boast an SPF 25 rating so your lips are protected from the sun.

We also love the Volupte Tint-in-Balms from Yves Saint Laurent Beaute and the Two Tone Tint Lip Bars from Laneige.

And in a pinch, you can even dab some on your cheeks for a pop of colour if you're missing out on blusher.


There is no need for multi-step foundation applications or extra layers of hydration when you have a BB cushion on standby.

We love how much of a punch this skincare-coverage hybrid packs for such a compact product; it also comes in a range of coverage and finish options. Plus, you can find one to suit almost any budget.

Innisfree has some great options for a lower budget, and you can choose between a lighter coverage product with more moisture or something more mattifying with higher coverage.

Laneige has several different types including a Pore Control cushion that dries semi-matte and is great if you have oily skin and large pores.


If it is a choice between eyeliner or mascara for a quick fix, eyeliner would win every time.

A quick cat eye has a much bigger impact than mascara might, especially if you have straight or stumpy eyelashes.

Going with a pointed brush tip liner makes it easier to draw a quick and smooth line.

This article first appeared in Her World Plus (www.herworldplus.com).