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Best ways to defuzz your face

Different approaches are needed when it comes to facial hair removal

While body hair removal seems to be a whole lot easier to manage, getting rid of facial hair is a whole other ballgame.

From unruly brows, a fuzzy upper lip, sideburns or even some fine hair on your cheeks and chin, they pose a set of challenges respectively, which is why different approaches are taken when removing them.


Regularly trimming and shaping your brows helps to frame your face and can even help give your features a lift.

Unruly eyebrow hairs can be removed via waxing, threading or tweezing, and all of these methods are all equally safe, hassle-free and affordable.

Waxing and threading can eliminate even the ultra-fine hairs that are between brows or on the lids, which tweezers might be unable to grasp.

Waxing and threading are best left to professionals while it is perfectly fine to tweeze the few errant hairs in between your salon appointments.


The easiest way to remove hair around the sideburns is by shaving. Some women with a fuzzier sideburn find that it might interfere with make-up, so eliminating them can help achieve a smoother and more flawless make-up application.


Having pesky hair on the upper lip might give a moustache-y appearance or even make your lips look droopy.

You can shave it off yourself, because tweezing might not be able to grab all the tiny hairs effectively. If you prefer to leave it to the pros, you can also opt for threading and waxing as both are effective and quick.


If your nose hairs can't remain tucked within your nostrils, make sure it remains out of sight to the rest of the world by using a nose hair trimmer.


Ever wonder how so many celebrities have such incredibly refined skin texture and their make-up seems to just meld with their skin seamlessly?

Chances are, they are fans of dermaplaning. It involves a skilled therapist or a trained doctor who uses a surgical scalpel to scrape off dead skin cells and tiny hairs on the skin surface.

Since dermaplaning removes dead skin cells, your skincare products absorb much better and your skin instantly looks brighter. Make-up application is ultra-smooth and flawless.

But if having a blade to your face is more than you can stomach, you can also count on threading to remove unwanted hair on your cheeks, which is also known as peach fuzz. Since it does not involve removing the top layer of your skin, threading is suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Best ways to defuzz your face

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