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Beauty beginners, give your skin a head start with these sets


The local beauty-tech start-up makes trial-and-error a thing of the past when it comes to finding the perfect skincare routine.

By simply uploading a selfie and completing an online skin assessment, and then using machine learning technology and sophisticated algorithms, Yours decodes skin needs from individual skin types, lifestyles and even environments and then maps the right active ingredients for customers.

The result is a personalised kit (US$129, or S$176) comprising essentials like day cream, night cream, eye serum and face serum, now available at

Yours’ clean, cruelty-free, ethically-sourced products are formulated in Switzerland using active ingredients like Nanowhite (bearberry, glutathione and Vitamin C) for brightening, Alp Sebum (epilobium fleischeri or Alpine willowherb) for reducing sebum and squalane derived from rare Swiss olives to enhance skin elasticity.


Dewy-looking “glass” skin is now a dream come true with the Korean beauty brand’s Seed skincare line tailor-made for young adults.

TheFaceShop - Nature Collection's Energy Seed Antioxidant Hydro SerumPHOTO: THEFACESHOP

It comprises the Energy Seed Antioxidant Hydro Serum ($38), Green Natural SEED Antioxidant Toner ($32), Green Natural Seed Antioxidant Emulsion ($32), Green Natural Seed Antioxidant Cream ($48) and Green Natural Seed Antioxidant Serum ($39).

Infused with vitamins B5 and B3 along with the soluble dietary fiber Beta-Glucan, each bottle or jar is formulated to give skin its much sought-after translucent glow.

Packed with superfoods and antioxidants – including sunflower seeds, soybean, oat and green oat – the line also protects skin from environmental stressors, making it suitable for use in Singapore’s hot and humid climate.

The Seed products are now available at all TheFaceShop-Nature Collection outlets.


The Thai wellness brand’s luxury retail boutique at Paragon offers a carefully curated range of premium, botanically-derived natural bodycare, haircare, skincare and home aromatherapy products that combine the art of natural therapy with modern dermatological science.

The best-selling star product is the Rice Extract Moisturising Cream ($55), whose extra-rich formula boasts the ultra-therapeutic and nourishing Asian Rice Bran Oil, which Thann famously uses in all its skincare products. Adding to its potency is the Rice Callus Culture Extract, which contains powerful antioxidants.

Other highlights include the Shiso Revitalizing Face Mask ($50 for three-piece set), Oil-Free Facial Sunscreen SPF30 PA+++ ($45), Time To Refresh Moisturising Aromatherapy Balm ($25) and Aromatic Wood Bath & Massage Oil ($45).


Millennials and Gen Zs, the Korean naturalism brand’s Jeju Cherry Blossom Line has got your name on it.
Affordably priced and suited for beauty beginners, it was developed to combat the root cause of all skin concerns – the lack of hydration.

It contains a high concentration of Jeju Cherry Blossom leaf extracts that penetrate skin effortlessly, leaving skin clearer and brighter than before. Coupled with naturally-derived Betaine extracted from beets, the moisturising ingredient locks in moisture and prevents skin from dehydrating as you take a step closer to achieving a natural blooming glow.

Featuring the all-pink line-up of Tone-Up Cream ($31), Jelly Cream ($31), Lotion ($22) and Skin ($25), the Jeju Cherry Blossom Line is now available at all innisfree stores.


The cosmetics line of the famed French bakery’s Autumn 2019 skincare collection encapsulates the allure of the White Charming rose, an edible rose grown without the use of agrochemicals.

By employing the “fresh cold” production method to obtain extracts immediately after harvesting the flowers, the products successfully retain the uncompromised goodness of White Charming.

The Rose Essence Water ($83) is a serum-like skin lotion formulated to instantly soften, relax and moisturise the skin, while the Rose Essence Cream ($110) locks in ample moisture and leave the skin surface silky-smooth.

The products are now available at the Les Merveilleuses Laduree boutique at Takashimaya.


The Japanese skincare brand’s upgraded Daily Care Series is an essential collection of lotions and emulsions designed to reset skin to a state of health and optimised nourishment.

For the Moist Refine Lotion and Emulsion ($28 each), Moisturising Phospholipid and Jojoba Seed Oil facilitate skin intercellular lipid formation and boosts skin’s natural potential to hydrate by forming a protective moisturising veil within the epidermis, while the Pore Refining Citrus Aurantium Extract helps minimise visible pores.

And for the Enrich Lotion and Emulsion ($36 each), Evening Primrose Extract targets damaged collagen and boosts production of new collagen, Moisturising Phospholipid and Enrich Lipid facilitate skin intercellular lipid formation and boost skin’s natural potential to hydrate, and new proprietary Hydrolysed Collagen α restores smooth and firm skin by stimulating collagen synthesis and revitalisation.

The Daily Care Series is now available at Fancl stores.


The homegrown clean beauty brand with an all-female research and development team prides itself on using 100 per cent organic or naturally-derived active ingredients.

Its coconut-infused Natural Micellar Water ($22.90) melts away make-up and impurities from all skin types, while the Pure & Simple Gel Cleanser ($18.90) contains hydrogenated castor oil which dissolves sebum and a light foam that whisks away impurities, as precious frankincense extract reduces inflammation, fights bacteria and smooths away signs of ageing.

The Youth Therapy Concentrated Essence ($29.90) is infused with over 90 per cent Galactomyces, found in luxury skincare to brighten, hydrate and smooth away flaky skin and lines, while the red rice-derived Timeless Youth Elixir ($33.90) helps reduce the appearance of pores and lines and amps up collagen.

Lastly, the Long Wear Daily Sunscreen SPF70 PA+++ ($15.90) has a lightweight formulation that offers total protection against pigmentation and photo-ageing.

The Skin Firm products are now available from


The Japanese cleansing brand’s first-ever full skincare range, Junpaku Senka White Beauty, features a super-charged blend of top-quality Japanese ingredients and the advanced Natu-ence Formulation.

Junpaku Senka White Beauty SerumPHOTO: SENKA

The star product is the power-packed Serum ($21.90) infused with brightening ingredients that lighten, reduce and prevent the appearance of dark spots while providing intense moisture for radiant, hydrated and translucent skin.

It penetrates deep into the skin layers to prevent dryness and roughness for a long-lasting moisturising effect while reducing dark spots and improving skin translucency in seven days.

It is suitable for use at night and day, and is dermatologically tested, fragrance-free and colourant-free.

The Junpaku Senka White Beauty range - which also consists of Lotions ($17.90), Glow Creams ($19.90) and Serum in CC SPF50+ PA++++ ($21.90) - is now available at Watsons.


Japan’s leading brand for sensitive skin’s Whitening Moisture Care Series was developed for dry and sensitive skin.

The comprehensive range of products – Lotion ($32.80), Essence ($49.80), Face Milk ($34.80) and Cream ($39.80) - was formulated using the brightening power of Chamomile ET, a plant-derived active whitening ingredient, to effectively prevent dark spots and freckles.

It is also formulated with its proprietary Ceramide Care technology to boost the concentration of moisture for bright and radiant skin.

The Curel Whitening Moisture Care Series is now available at Watsons.