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Here's how to tweak your beauty routine if you work from home

Although you may be in your pyjamas, you should still apply sunscreen

For many, working from home during the coronavirus outbreak is like a dream come true - there is no need to spend time commuting and you sit around all day in your pyjamas.

However, you might have noticed some not-so-great changes. Perhaps your face feels a tad greasier without make-up and your eyes are looking puffier than before.

Why is this happening? We decode what your skin and hair are going through with the change in your work environment and the beauty tweaks you can make to your daily routine.

Do your brows every morning

Skip foundation and all the rest of the works if you have to.

But the brows not only frame the face but can also make your eyes look less tired, so your team won't think that you woke up just moments before the video call.

Looking even better on video calls

As the resolution on a video call is not all that high, no one will be able to see blemishes and imperfections.

But what you can do is even out skin tone with a light base and dab on concealer to hide dark circles.

For those last-minute video calls

The easiest way to look presentable pronto is to add colour to the face with a lipstick or tinted lip balm, which will instantly brighten the complexion and make you look less washed out.

The neutral undertone of a raspberry hue is flattering on all skin tones.

Keep up with sun protection

Not leaving the house means not going out in the sun, so you won't need to apply sunscreen right? Wrong.

While most of UVB rays are absorbed by your glass windows, about 75 per cent of UVA rays still pass through. And you get the brunt of UV exposure if you sit by the window.

Dealing with the heat - and your hydration needs

To protect yourself against Covid-19, doctors have also advised switching off the air-conditioner and keeping windows open to allow fresh air to circulate throughout your space to reduce infection risks.

But that means you are dealing with heat and humidity all day. And being make-up-free, chances are your skin is feeling greasier and looking shinier than before.

So while you might be tempted to skimp on moisturiser, don't. Instead, opt for a lightweight moisturiser - gels or lotions work well. If you need to control excess sebum, choose a moisturiser with oil-controlling properties to keep your complexion looking shine-free and fresh.

Invest in an eye cream

Long hours of staring and squinting at the laptop, especially when you are used to looking at numbers and text on a huge monitor in the office, can put a lot of stress on the blood vessels around the eyes, resulting in unsightly dark circles.

Plus, not blinking often enough can also cause the eye area to swell, making eyes look puffy and dull.

To combat this, don't forget to include an eye cream in your skincare routine to soothe, hydrate and boost micro-circulation.

Keep the frizz at bay

Another perk of working from home is less time spent on styling your hair to look perfect for the office. While it is great to let your hair naturally air-dry (it does reduce damage from heated styling tools), there may still be frizz to deal with.

Keep your hair looking neat and tidy with the help of an anti-frizz product. Choose something lightweight so that it won't make tresses look greasy or flat and limp.

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