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Indulge in post-shopping therapy

Bedok Mall shoppers can look forward to skin and body pampering

They call shopping retail therapy, but it is actually hard work.

Carrying the shopping bags and rushing from store to store searching for bargains is not something for the frail or faint-hearted.

The euphoria that arises after you have snagged your bargains or prized item is wonderful, but after that often comes sore and aching muscles.

Shoppers at Bedok Mall this Great Singapore Sale will be able to rest assured that they will be pampered back to health after shopping.

Under the same roof are a number of outlets that specialise in relieving the sore muscles, healing the aching feet and putting back the smiles after a hard day's shopping.


Balinese Thai Premier specialises in Balinese, Javanese and traditional Thai massages.

I have not had a massage or done an aesthetic treatment there. I think I will try these services the next time I head there. Mrs Mandy Simmons on Novu Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Whether it is upper back pain, chronic lower back aches, muscle and joint soreness, a strained neck or just stress and tension, Balinese Thai's experienced and highly trained masseuses can get you back in shape.

You can choose a Balinese massage for strained tissue and achy joints, and even combine muscle stretching to help you relax and get the energy flowing throughout your body.

If you want a more invigorating pick-me-up, a traditional Thai massage with palm and finger pressure and the right amount of yogic stretches can relieve tension and help your body relax.

Those who want massages that combine whole hand, knuckle and thumb pressure to help relieve pain and relax the body can opt for the Javanese massage.

Balinese Thai Premier also provides other services including Body Scrubs, Ear Candling, Lymphatic Detoxing and Traditional Hot Stone Massage.

Visit for details.


Innisfree is a Korean brand that shares the natural benefits from Jeju island in a wide range of cosmetics and other skincare products.

Innisfree products are known for their innovation, eco-friendly packaging and natural source materials.

Visit for details.


Sinchong Meheco is one of the largest one-stop traditional Chinese medicine and healthcare centres in Singapore.

Sinchong provides holistic approaches to total health through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

It offers premium medicinal herbs, Chinese proprietary medicines as well as health supplements and products.

Sinchong Meheco also has a network of TCM clinics in Singapore for diagnosis and treatment of ailments.

Call 6908-5838 or visit for details.


The Novu Medical Aesthetic Clinic deals in products and treatments to help rejuvenate skin as well as remove wrinkles, clear eyebags, remove crows' feet and other conditions that arise due to ageing or exposure to the elements.

Its Enliven series of skincare products are made with potent ingredients such as the Kakadu plum extract, making your skin radiant, rejuvenated and youthful.

The Enliven Lifting Eye Gel is rich in antioxidants that protect the skin from damage by the sun's ultraviolet rays.

The gel helps eliminate wrinkles and lines and leaves tired eyes looking joyful, bright and youthful.

The Enliven Smoothening Hydrator helps prevent premature ageing and keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day.

The Enliven Toning Moisturizer stimulates collagen production, brightens skin and slows down skin oxidation.

The clinic also provides treatments such as the P+ Phyto Laser, which controls the oil glands to facilitate recovery from acne.

It also reduces skin sensitivity, pigment production and enhances the skin's youthful look by collagen stimulation and the reduction of the appearance of facial lines.

The clinic's Radiance Light treatment uses light pulses to reduce skin sensitivity, pigment production and redness.

It induces glow to the skin and controls oil glands to facilitate acne recovery.

The FL-Pixelclear treatment pushes out dead skin cells by creating tiny pixels on the skin surface.

This, in turn, triggers the production of new, healthy skin and collagen to repair the skin while retexturing and smoothening the surface.

Mrs Mandy Simmons, 36, who teaches at an international school here, has tried similar facial treatments in the US and can vouch for the effectiveness.

She said: "I drive my two sons, aged five and 11, to the tuition centre in Bedok Mall.

"I usually hang around the mall and have a meal or do some shopping, but I have not had a massage or done an aesthetic treatment there.

"I think I will try these services the next time I head there."

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