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Retail magic: Give your world a makeover

Yuletide bargains and elegant design make for a cheerful festive season

Christmas is just days away, but if you haven't begun shopping for gifts, it's time to head to the shopping malls to discover the wonderful goodies they have in store!


Many malls are decked with loads of festive goodies and gift ideas.

Whether it is cosmetics, cologne or eau de toilette, shirts and ties or the latest electronic gadgets, Singapore's malls have them all.

It is just a question of your preference and budget.

With stylish clothing outlets, candy stores, cosmetics outlets and toy stores, Forum The Shopping Mall has something for everyone.

Dr Amelia Tan, 37, a general practitioner, was there recently with her husband and children, aged 10 and eight.


She said: "I was surprised to be able to buy nearly all my gifts at the mall. I bought a lovely dress from Shanghai Tang, a new pair of shoes for my husband, two radio-controlled cars for my kids and loads of other gifts for friends and family members."

Nearly all the major malls have gift-wrapping services that are free or available with minimum purchase amounts.

People have also turned to making their own Christmas presents.

Scrapbooks of family events and personalised bottles of candy or trinkets are popular do-it-yourself gifts.

Gift vouchers are also great gifts for family and friends.

Whatever your budget, preference or style, Singapore's shopping malls will satisfy your needs!

If you're thinking of updating the look of your home for this festive season, you can still make it in time if you start now.

You don't need to do anything too fancy or elaborate.

Simple racks and shelves can be used to reorganise your toiletries and cooking utensils to neaten the bathroom and kitchen.

A few strategically placed hooks can be used to hang kitchen towels or face cloths, and air fresheners can be placed all around to mask unpleasant odours and highlight sweet fragrances.

The use of scented candles in the living and dining areas and bedrooms will go a long way towards making your personal space more conducive for the Yuletide celebrations.


And if it is time to replace your old home appliances, head for the many sales around town to get loads of electrical appliances at affordable prices.

If you live with your elderly parents or older relatives, you need to take their needs into account.

When renovating the kitchen, living areas or bathrooms, you have to consider adding aids such as grab bars and non-slip mats or tiles.

Newer devices are more energy-efficient, but older folk may find them difficult to use.

It is good to consider innovative yet simple products like those from German design leader Hansgrohe. Hansgrohe's Select technology is easy to install and is found on devices such as its basin mixers and shower handsets.

The buttons and valves can be easily turned or pressed by the young and old to control water flow and temperature without the need for complicated electronics.

So don't forget to consider the needs of your parents or loved ones when you renovate your home - that is a Christmas labour of love.