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Seafood at almost half the price at FairPrice ahead of Chinese New Year

Haven't stocked up on seafood for your reunion feasts yet? Worry, not. 

As seafood prices at wet markets increase ahead of Chinese New year, FairPrice continues to provide value on popular items such as Chinese Pomfret, Red Grouper, Spotted Rabbitfish and Tiger Prawns. 

The price spike is normal during the Chinese New Year period – around 50 per cent higher due to demand – but FairPrice outlets are offering seafood as low as half the price as at wet markets. 

Based on market surveys, wet markets are selling fresh Chinese pomfret and red grouper at around $80 a kg. 

At FairPrice, however, the same items are listed at $48.90 and $35.90 respectively. 

The price of grey prawns at wet markets reportedly hovered at around $28. At FairPrice, a kilo of prawns cost $15.90. 

Most FairPrice stores to remain open during CNY

Some 139 out of 155 FairPrice outlets will remain open on the first day of Chinese New Year,  of which 34 stores will operate 24 hours.

As well, FairPrice Online will continue deliveries between 8am and 6pm from Jan 21-23.

On Chinese New Year eve (Jan 21), 119 stores will operate until 5pm while FairPrice on Wheels will operate till 2pm. 

All 155 stores and FairPrice on Wheels will resume usual operating hours on the second day (Jan 23).

Store opening details during the festive period can be found here.

Additionally, the list of available festive offerings may be found here.

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